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HIC Club Show Ground


We understand clubs are the backbone of any car show. Our managing director has 20 years in the club scene chairing a club since 1999 and is backed up with 17 years of arranging national events. We understand many events don’t support clubs as they should so we offer;

  • A complete booking system with your club name loaded into the shop, so we handle ticket money and take the pain out of ticket distribution.
  • We offer two free car tickets to all registered clubs as a small thanks.
  • We look after clubs, discuss parking allocation, advise ticket numbers sold (1-2 weeks before event) and allow you to enjoy the show.
  • Our shops are simple to use and accept all major cards and paypal.
  • We do not pass your data onto any third party. We will only notify you of our own similar up and coming events.
  • We work hard to ensure pricing is very fair and we think we’ve cracked it with £15/person in advance £20 on the gate and under 16 free.

Club stands can be applied for here, please include a full postal address, email, mobile and importantly club name in full so we can add to our parking options on our shop.

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